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Many of us, as young children, start to feel a sense of self-worth. For some, it may be an awareness of what we see and our weaknesses and strengths. This can bring comfort or insecurity to the person that can carry them to a fulfilling and successful life, or a life where self-esteem is not high and their ability to be happy and achieve their goals is stunted.

Yoga Flares’ Mission is to show everyone, regardless of their goals or feelings of self-worth, and give the tools to develop into a confident and peaceful adult who is grateful for their skills and willing to develop new skills to be the person they want to be.

Through our own life experiences and that of others, we have discovered that it is not the will that is lacking in many people when they want to improve their satisfaction in life. Instead, a mindset of low self-esteem, poverty, or a general sense of having an unseen block, often resulting from a trauma, prevents success. We aim to heal the person, the mind and the spirit, then use that cleared road to success to build the new fully healed person to the life they desire and deserve.

Our articles cater to the extrovert’s career and abundance goals with the vision but lack the skills to implement the plans. From simple, small daily changes to encouraging a mindset ready for great success without getting overwhelmed, we can guide you to your goals without creating burnout.

We have the tools for the introvert to use their quiet achievements to build a life of peace, calm and quiet while still building a successful life of abundance and prosperity without exposing themselves completely. By building confidence, teaching the value of your strengths, and coming to peace with your assets, our articles assist you on the path that is teaching gentle exercises in order to grow and expand your confidence and to help you believe in yourself.

YogaFlares has been founded and taken to the world through the power of the internet. The Heartfelt education and guidance written just for you will have you glowing with confidence that will follow you through your unique journey.

The articles and blogs are the results of learning, extensive research, and experiences in the fields you will benefit from. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually grow your heart, soul and confidence under the guidance and encouragement of YogaFlares.

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