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Capure The Moment Of Awakening

Capure The Moment Of Awakening

Capure The Moment Of Awakening

In lucid dreams, we have freedom and independence from all earthly energies. This is a fantastic way to release stress as it is also a refreshing and totally liberating experience which sets you up for a new day. They say, ask and you’ll receive right away. So, if you wish or desire to be, let’s say, on a tropical and sandy beach basking in sunshine glory, express your desire, and you will be there within a snap of the fingers.

Our desires, our wishes, and our thoughts are quickly translated into dynamic energy. The energy then shapes our desires. Strictly speaking, we are in total control—no god or destiny or fate chooses or decides what we do in a lucid dream. We are actually the lead star and, at the same time, the film director.

Manifestation is quick as we’re not influenced or affected by compressed earthly vibrations. But what is a lucid dream, you may ask? A lucid dream is when we wake up in our dreams; the conscious mind wakes up inside the unconscious. Wow, indeed, a pretty idea or concept in itself but, aside from the whole concept, it’s a wondrous magical moment.

The time or moment of awakening can be likened to waking up to freedom. The great adventures and journeys could start. We could do anything and go anywhere we like—the sky’s the limit! and anything our conscious mind wants and desires. We can have profound conversations with objects and animals, talk to the dead, feel or experience the delight and gladness of flying, discover some past lives, etc. The list is infinite.

The moment of real awakening is a marvelous moment. Well, who needs those virtual reality games anyway? Unexpectedly realizing that you’re totally aware and conscious in a wonderful playground of our mind is really awesome. The moment of awakening in one’s lucid dream could be compared to that of realizing reality and the truth of our situations and circumstances as human beings.

When we come to understand that process, which creates and forms our lives, we get freedom, and we find out that we’re no longer at the mercy of fate, destiny, or any other outside factors. We as human beings have choices and alternatives—it is all up to us.

With this freedom comes responsibility—responsibility we’ve been trying to evade for all these years. If we do not like our lives, we can no longer blame other people for our circumstances or situations. We can change, alter, or even modify the things we do not want in the world or in our lives.

We create and weave our own reality. Our thoughts manifest, although at just a slower rate than in lucid dreaming, due to the compressed energies of the physical body, but still the process is similar. We could actually change our lives and the entire world, yet we should believe in ourselves and in our power to do so.

We have all the right to make choices, including the choices to be happier individuals.

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