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How does yoga reduce anxiety?

How does yoga reduce anxiety?

Do you ever feel a sudden wave of worried thoughts and emotions occupying your mind and body? Or maybe you find yourself constantly having intrusive thoughts?

People suffering from anxiety have continuous intrusive thoughts and fears, and in more intense situations, they might also suffer from panic attacks. This feeling of unease and apprehension often manifests in physical forms such as sweating, trembling, shaking, insomnia, stomach pain, and headaches. If you are struggling with this, we can teach you how to overcome anxiety through the healing power of yoga.

Recent studies have proved that yoga poses, guided meditations, and breathing exercises help in reducing this overwhelming negative feeling. If you are looking for ways to deal with anxiety or how to help someone with anxiety, this blog post will be helpful to you.

Yoga therapy plays an important role in treating anxiety disorders due to the following:

1. Helps in recognition of thoughts

Anxiety may interfere with day-to-day activities. If you want to overcome it, yoga therapy might prove to be beneficial for you.

Anxiety is the consequence of the hyperarousal of the fight or flight response, a constant feeling of intermittent panic, and a pervasive fear of the unknown. Yoga enables people to identify the thoughts that lead to this intense feeling, face them and then let go of them. Instead of just rationalizing away anxiety, yoga therapy provides a safe place for people to build resilience against stress and intrusive thoughts. This helps them to calm down, eliminate negative thought patterns and relax.

2. The magical power of pranayamas

If you are looking for how to help someone with anxiety, these pranayamas (guided breathing techniques) are the best solution for you. When you see someone suffering from severe anxiety or fear, ask them to take deep breaths and focus on their breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly whilst shifting all the focus onto the rhythm of the breath. Such techniques are scientifically proven to reduce stress and feelings of unease.

3. Enhances mindfulness

Anxiety is often a build-up of negative and fearful thoughts in the mind that might have no basis in reality. It is the fear of the unknown and uncertain situations. Practicing yoga therapy, visualization, and focusing on breathing movements reprograms the mind to focus instead on the current scenario and helps to eliminate overthinking and rumination. These things combine to elicit a relaxation response in the body that allows you to experience a sense of calm and tranquillity.


4. Calms the mind

If you are searching for the best solution on how to overcome anxiety, yoga is the ideal option for you. Yoga therapy is a well-balanced mixture of physical poses, meditations, and breathing techniques. These gestures reduce stress significantly and help in calming the mind. In today’s fast world, stress and anxiety have become a common concern. If you catch yourself having intrusive thoughts, get a mat, perform the yoga pose and start letting go off these unhelpful thoughts. If your mind wanders again, gently bring your focus back onto the yoga mat and continue practicing. Try using controlled breathing movements too, to help bring focus and for centering.

Hopefully, this information on how to overcome anxiety and how to help someone with anxiety is beneficial to you. Practicing yoga therapy, mindfulness, controlled breathing, and recognizing your thought patterns are the answers to questions related to how to deal with anxiety. Remember to be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!


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