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How To Use Motivation Theory For Your Advantage

How To Use Motivation Theory For Your Advantage
Motivation Theory For Your Advantage

In the practice of NLP or neuro-linguistic programming, good motivation theory is taken into account in several ways. One of the more beneficial neuro-linguistic programming principles is the concept or idea of “towards” and “away from” personalities. A good and favorable motivation theory has to acknowledge the reality that each and every one of us gets motivated in so many different ways.

Definitely, all of us have two modes of operation as a part of the way or manner in which we function, yet oftentimes one is more dominant than the other in every one of us. Those with a primarily “away from” kind of motivation, would be more affected by thinking more about evading trouble or pain.

On the other hand, those with a basic “towards” motivational style would be more affected by thoughts of future prizes or rewards. You could actually practice or play with this theory, and also try using this knowledge to influence other people. So, why not use this test to determine which motivational style dominates your personality? While this is useful and advantageous for understanding and influencing other people, it is a motivation theory that is best utilized in affecting your own self-improvement.

Okay, try reading the following descriptions of what being a multi-millionaire can mean to you. 1. You can buy whatever you want for yourself and your friends, and you can also do whatever you want. You possess and own the beach house or mansion of your dreams, and your favorite brand new car also.

You now have the means to reach and accomplish any of your desired goals and ambitions. 2. You already have everything you need or require for you to be comfortable and free, because you are now secure and safe. You have the means to eradicate or get rid of most of your problems and difficulties easily.

So, you do not have to go back to your job or do anything you do not want to do or are forced to do. If the first description or scenario is much more appealing or forceful to you, then you have a “towards” personality. However, if you feel more motivated by the latter description, primarily you may have an “away from” kind of personality.

There are both bad and good points to those two types. For instance, they avoid problems, manage and handle things well, yet do not achieve great goals. On the contrary, “toward” people can be successful as entrepreneurs but sometimes get into trouble simply because they do not plan well enough to prevent problems.

But how do you use and maximize this knowledge about yourself and motivation theory to your full advantage? You can actually influence others more easily. For example, if you want to sell a new car, first you have to determine if they are motivated towards things or away from things.

For the former, you can explain what it can bring them or how great or fabulous they will look in it. For the latter, you might say how the new car will make their lives easier and will mean goodbye to used-car hassles.


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