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It’s Not About How To Get Things Done: Are You Enjoying Life?

It’s Not About How To Get Things Done: Are You Enjoying Life?
Are You Enjoying Life?

We all have our own plans in this lifetime, but whether we like it or not, time is apathetic to our plans. As morbid as it may sound, we’re all going to die someday, and we’ll be unable to get things done. Then, before we know it, time stops us even before we’re ready.

Many tasks left undone, more love, laughter, hugs, and smiles to be shared. But alas, we’ll never know for how long. The evanescent, fleeting now is the moment–all that you have, and you can enjoy while it lasts. The bygone yesterdays of the past have faded into oblivion–memory is all you have.

Then the future remains unknown and a mystery.

But the questions are:
What are you doing in your life right now–is it even worth your time and effort? Are you enjoying it? Is it worth your energy? Is it fun and fulfilling? Is it giving you the drive–that fire in your belly to keep you alive? Are you motivated by life and what keeps you inspired and excited to welcome a new day? Does it give you a chance to change a person’s life or not?

contribute something beneficial to humanity?

Life is not about how to get things done; it’s about how you live the moment. Each precious hour, minute, and second of your life that the universe has bestowed on you.

If you think about it, there’s a myriad of stuff you’ll never get done–and how liberating it feels! It’s not upsetting at all. It simply shows you that you don’t have to take control of the universe.

It gives you the freedom to be in charge of the work before you, the ones you willingly chosen, which you’ll be enjoying the process and not really worrying how to get things done–in the end, makes you enjoy life more.


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