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Motivate Yourself To Stay Healthy By Trying These Types Of Exercises

Motivate Yourself To Stay Healthy By Trying These Types Of Exercises
Motivate Yourself To Stay Healthy

In my next ebook, “Goldmine to Success“, there’s a chapter about self-motivation. And when it comes to staying healthy, what motivates you to be fit and stay healthy? Is it because of vanity–like looking good so that you’ll look like a model in any clothes that you wear? Or you want to live a long life to be strong enough for your descendants? Or how about being free from worries like sickness and hospital bills?

Well, whatever your reason to stay healthy, I’m sure exercise always plays a huge part in any health and fitness goals. Check out these 4 types of exercises:

1) Flexibility, or simply stretching
Most especially when we age, stretching becomes our most trusted ally. Though stretching is one of the most underrated types of exercise, you can’t underestimate the advantages that come with it. Not only does it improve our posture, but flexibility exercises also reduce muscle tension and promote circulation.

2) Resistance training, a.k.a. strength or weight training
Nowadays, not just men are trying these kinds of exercise–women too! Weightlifters are not just for men alone. But of course, females don’t attain the same muscle mass as males do. This kind of exercise will enhance body metabolism and noticeable changes in body structure if done regularly.

3) Mind-body exercises
Some examples include Pilates, yoga, or tai-chi. These mind-body exercises focus awareness on our breathing and posture movements. Expect some stress-reduction effects, enhanced energy flow and better circulation. You can also try meditation for improved mindfulness.

4) Aerobic exercise
If you want to sustain respiration and elevated heart rate for like, 15-20 minutes, then this activity is for you.

This exercise is also called a cardio workout. There are many advantages to this exercise; you can improve your energy, mood, and digestion. It also enhances the immune system and our lungs and heart, promoting improved circulation as well.

Whatever type of exercise you want to try, choose the one which you can truly benefit from and make sure you also enjoy it in the process. You can even try a combination of these exercises. Ask your fitness professional about it.


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