Positive Mental Attitude– How To Draw The Line For Success

Positive Mental Attitude
Positive Mental Attitude

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”, talks about the various advantages and benefits of having a positive mental attitude. And one of the elements of a successful life is maintaining a positive mental attitude. The challenge you may encounter, just like so many other people, is how to keep up an optimistic outlook on life.

Now let’s discuss some empowering and strengthening tools which could aid you in choosing your mindset. You would attract others who could help you on your way to your voyage. A positive, can-do attitude draws success and triumph. Not to mention that you will be able to utilize your time in a more productive and efficient manner; some critical problems will be solved immediately and with less effort, and minor problems and inconveniences will not get in your way.

Going back to some empowering tools to help choose one’s mindset, well, I have tried them and can attest to their effectiveness. An easy rule to sustain a can-do attitude—draw the line. Take a clean piece of paper– then draw a line on it halfway down the entire page.

Okay, on the bottom half of the page, write B, E, D, one under the other, in big bold letters. And on the top half of it, write in big bold letters, one under the other, O, A, R. Now take this sheet of paper and hang or place it somewhere noticeably, where you could use it as a reminder to yourself, and somewhere you are going to see it on a daily basis.

So, all you have to do now is to take note and “Stay over the line all the time.” Whenever things seem to be on top of you or whenever you feel your mindset seems to be fluctuating, just remember to “stay over the line.” What does this all mean? How would this help you maintain a positive mental attitude? Okay, here is the explanation: Below the line, you have written the first letter of the 3 words “Blame, Excuses, Denial”; and over the line, you have written the first letter of the 3 words “Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility”.

Therefore, if you have a positive mental attitude and can-do attitude, you will find yourself above the line. You will alter blame with ownership—”I could solve this problem or difficulty.” You will change excuses with accountability—”it is down to me.” And you would substitute denial with responsibility. Success and triumph will really come to you through your PMA—positive mental attitude.

You’ll influence the people around you (and yourself) to reach more and have more fun along the way. Being successful is deeply and intensely associated with keeping up a positive mental attitude. To preserve an optimistic and can-do perspective, you must remember the rule. “Stay above the line, make use of your OARs to row your boat.” As opposed to when you are under the line, you have just made your BED and you’re going to have to lie in it!


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