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Self Discipline: Unlocking The Doors To Success

Self Discipline: Unlocking The Doors To Success
Self Discipline

Everyone wants to know the keys to unlocking the doors to success and how to master its various principles. As for me, it’s all about self-discipline. Yes, learning self-discipline, that is. Self-discipline can be a tough thing to accentuate here, as I can observe the lack of self-discipline in others.

Whereas, if practiced religiously, being disciplined can produce fantastic results. Okay, this is what I mean by that: Think about the person who can be the highly intellectual type, very optimistic, friendly and funny and seems to be the kind which many people want to hang around with. Well, you may know somebody who can be happy and exceedingly well, yet for some reason, they still keep on getting by, but with great difficulty—in other words, they’re still under pressure.

And if you pay close attention to that person, you’ll notice that the primary source is always a lack of self-discipline. It can be in the areas of their attitudes, how they manage their time, or how focused they are on their goals. It can also be how they communicate or how motivated they can be, or perhaps all of the above.

Whatever their underlying grounds could be, the issue of self-discipline is the most frequent common denominator in the lives of successful people. On the other side of the fence, however, consider the individual who “got it”. Yes, you know that guy who, time and again, excels at almost everything and exceeds everyone’s expectations. Yet he still has the time and energy to play as the lead guitarist in his own band and still has enough quality time with his kids playing video games.

Or you may envy that neighbor of yours who recently became employee of the month, runs a part-time home-based business, and still loves to hang out with her close pals from high school. Now, you are taking into account your own expectations, goals and life in general. So, whoever the person you want to look up to and which stories you want to be inspired by, you will notice that these individuals lead focused, decisive, determined, and most importantly, very disciplined lives.

They are firm about setting their goals and are very determined to attain them. They’re also very disciplined when it comes to handling and managing their time. And of course, they have the right attitude when it comes to their behaviors and habits. They are less likely to procrastinate because they respect the value of time, not just for their own sake but also of other people’s.

Therefore, you’ll see that when it comes to work, that person really works. And when they’re done, they can play/party/have a vacation to their heart’s desire since they’re already free and their mind is refreshed, devoid of work-related stress and pressure. In the end, it’s really up to you how you lead your life.

Just stay focused, determined and be decisive in whatever you want to achieve in life. Self-discipline is also not letting those petty little things get in your way. Thus, stay focused on your goals and get them.



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