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Make Decisions You Will Never Regret

Make Decisions You Will Never Regret
Make Decisions

Making decisions is a part of life and you want to make sure you’ll never regret it. Here are some suggestions that I gleaned from cosmopolitan.com.

1) Try sleeping on it—but only for one night
Ever wonder why people tell you to “sleep on it” when confronted with major dilemmas? Sleeping may help you evaluate your options and make a choice, according to studies. But don’t linger on your choices for so long–for it may mean you’re not comfy with the choices you got, and you might need to try other options.

2) Ditch people who are pressuring you
Especially when confronted with making decisions, don’t be a victim of being swayed by others who only have self-serving motives and are not really after your best interests.

Be wary of those people (salespeople persuading you to buy high-priced items you can’t afford). Try distancing yourself away from them. If not, act as if you’re seeking advice for a friend to help you to act reasonably.

3) Have a discussion with a small group of individuals
You may need the advice of others, or whomever you trust to contribute their honest opinion, for you know they have your best interests at heart. Hearing others’ viewpoints may enlighten you, especially in areas where you have no expertise or experience.

4) But you don’t have to talk it over with everyone
Seeking out too many opinions, including those from people whom you barely know, could keep you hanging with several disharmonious or unnecessary advice which will only make you more confused.

If you think this person is not in a position to know what’s best for you, better zip it and look for someone else who does. Check character references before seeking advice.

5) Wait till you’re no longer stressed
Wait before you’re no longer distressed or upset when asking decisions. When we act out of anxiety, we tend to make poor choices. That said, you may hold off getting a new haircut right after being fired.

5 Ways on How To Motivate Yourself

There are good days and bad days, and those in-between, wherein it’s neither good nor bad, but simply those ho-hum days that make you feel bored and not want to do anything at all. Well, it’s time to be proactive and start to motivate yourself.

Here are some tips:

1) Instead of thinking or talking about it, DO it! Turn your to-do lists into to-done lists. The best things and goals don’t materialize just by thinking or talking about them. Act on it! And don’t think about those things which you can’t do–you don’t want to attract bad vibes.

2) Though it’s always not easy to do, try your best to stay focused on what you should be doing.

Concentrate on one goal at a time, making them more realistic and attainable. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks in one day.

3) Leave your problems/personal issues at the door. Whatever it is you’re trying to do/achieve within the day, Stop making excuses for why you can’t–try focusing on what you can do right now. You have to do what you can do at the moment.

4) Heard what they say about following your gut feeling? Well, grab that confidence in what you believe feels right and follow it. There must be a reason why you feel strongly about something. And more often than not, they always serve your best purpose.

5) Put a lot of effort into something you truly want to desire and achieve.

Motivate yourself to figure out how to materialize your dreams into reality. Don’t regret or complain about the hard work that goes with pursuing your dream because in the end, you know it’s going to be worth it.



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