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Set Your Intentions for the Day

Set Your Intentions for the Day
Set Your Intentions for the Day

Learn how to be a conscious creator of your life by setting daily intentions.

Do you complain about your day when things don’t go the way you would like? Or do you consciously create the day you want? Personally, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe we are all creators of our own lives, whether we know it or not.

Ask for what you want.

Thoughts become things, Mike Dooley (from the hit movie The Secret) The way to ask for what you want is to give your attention to it. Think about what you want. Talk about what you want. Feel what you want.

By setting your intentions for each and every day, you are actively asking the Universe for what you want.

Set your intentions every night for the day ahead.

Every night, spend a few minutes setting your intentions for the day ahead. What do you want to happen? Play a little mind movie in your head. Run through each stage of the day and ask yourself what you want.

Tip: Visualizing your day as you want it is a powerful exercise which helps you to deliberately create your perfect day.


I love affirmations and find them incredibly powerful. Once you know what you want, you can create your own positive affirmations to support your desires.

For example, if you have children and you want mornings to be calm and relaxed, your affirmation could be something like this:

  • I am calm and relaxed.
  • My children are calm and relaxed.
  • Breakfast time is enjoyable.
  • We always leave for school on time.

Maybe work is not going great, and you’d like to enjoy your time there more. Some affirmations you might choose are:

  • I enjoy my work.
  • I work with fantastic people who are kind, supportive and fun to be with.
  • My boss always notices my work and praises me.
  • I have a great relationship with my work colleagues and my boss.
  • My work is rewarding and fulfilling.

Maybe you are heading off on a long journey. Here are some ideas for affirmations you could use:

  • The road ahead is clear.
  • My journey is relaxed and enjoyable.
  • I am safe and protected on my journey.
  • The train/plane is on time.
  • I arrived at my destination on time, calm and relaxed.
  • I enjoy this journey I am making today.

These are just a few ideas about how to use affirmations to support your intentions for the day. Create your own affirmations so that you can use them to support your intentions each day.

Keep all affirmations positive and in the present tense.

Be thankful.

Gratitude is a super positive emotion and one I suggest you become very familiar with. As you go through every day, watch out for all the things you have to be thankful for. At the end of each day, give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened that day. Always keep the focus on the things you like.

The law of attraction works by giving us whatever we focus on, wanted or not. It is your job to focus on what you want, and the universe will work out a way to let you have it.


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