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How Self Confidence Can Change Your Life

Could you imagine how much you would be able to enjoy life if only you had more confidence? Could you envision what your life would be like if you had higher self-esteem? If you come to think about it, if you do not have belief in yourself, or at least lack the assurance, then you might feel sometimes that you might get taken advantage of by your pals, you might not get ahead or advance in your job or career, or you may even feel that you are not lucky at all with the opposite sex.

Most people would feel that they are not fulfilled or happy just because they haven’t got the guts or the spunk that they must have. Guts is something you could have so easily in your life. Most individuals are going through their lives struggling under the misguided theory that it is something that you have to be born with, which is nonsense by the way.

There are some people who make it seem like being confident is something difficult and very complicated, but it is not. All you have to do is to learn some instruments and then apply and incorporate them into your life. You could make it look complicated if you like, but you truly do not need to when there are simple and easy ways to get confident.

Actually, being confident is something that you learn. As a child, you learn it from your parents, then your teachers and your friends, and some of the people around you who mostly influence you. It is up to parents to know how to inspire and foster their kids in order to build that confidence and guts.

In the absence of proper belief and motivation, a child would end up without self-esteem. Nevertheless, not everything is lost! It is relatively easy to do– all you need is the willpower and motivation to do it. Without the desire or motivation to enhance your audacity, you would be battling to get anywhere.

Nonetheless, if you really want to do it, then you could and you might even be surprised how easy (or effortless) it is to upgrade your confidence. And even as a teenager or an adult, you could learn more about possessing confidence. So instead of focusing on numerous tools and techniques all at once, just try one, and concentrate and focus your attention on it and try to master it.

And when you have already mastered it and can relate it to your life, then you can move on to the next self-confidence tactic. If you are discerning about enhancing and developing your confidence and eventually changing your life, then look for some self-confidence methods and techniques that you could utilize.

Find techniques that you are contented and happy with and could use. If you find them, now you can stick to them and incorporate them into your life, and you can build and increase your confidence at long last.

Love Yourself: You Deserve It


I’m sure most of you out here are already familiar with the classic immortal song by Whitney Houston with the line”… learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” Last Christmas season, it was the time of celebrating and gift giving. But have you ever thought that probably the best person to give a gift to is probably yourself? Yes, I will suggest that you should love yourself since it is the best gift you can give yourself.

Remember, it’s been said that you can’t give what you don’t have. To love yourself is not being conceited or being self-centered. Now, this is a constant misconception most of us have. Loving yourself is, in fact, all about embracing and accepting yourself for all that you are, despite your faults, failures, and imperfections.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes one time or another and we should deal with that. It’s your self-awareness that makes you tolerant of yourself that you are an entirely distinct and one-of-a-kind human being created for all that you are and you have a purpose in this universe.

Your mere acceptance of yourself is strengthening. At the same time, it can prove to be validating since you acknowledge that you can always improve. Also, to love yourself means doing away with those unnecessary and poor comparisons of ourselves with other people. I know most of us are guilty of this, comparing ourselves with others—yet we must put an end to this once and for all as it will just lower our self-esteem.

Ask yourself, if we try to compare ourselves to anybody else, what can we get or benefit from this? Not only can this weaken our self-image and diminish our greatest qualities and assets, but it also makes us seem as if we’re inferior to others and we have to live up to their standards.

It’s useless, actually—why do we have to be like other people if we can only be ourselves, right? Self-esteem and regard for others are only a few of the characteristics associated with those who genuinely enjoy and appreciate themselves. Not to mention being generous and giving in spirit and in deeds.

Self-harm and self-destruction are most emphatically not characteristics of self-love. Of course, gift giving is a sign of love and almost all of us care for or adore other people, especially those dear to our hearts, but that’s not to say that it’s the only degree of our affection.

We must first learn to love ourselves before we can love others. Before you help others, take care of yourself first. It makes sense in such a way that it is hard to help other individuals if we ourselves are also in dire need of aid or assistance? Some of us have our own vision or perception of what loving is.

Most of us say or tell us what love is and how to be loved in return. But then again, we choose to decide about these things because we also have our own way of thinking regarding different matters, especially how to love ourselves.

The Top 10 Rules Of Wealth Creation


The golden rule of the day: Action will be the magic word. Take action this day. Begin your wealth creation by starting today. In the famous words of the author of “The Science of Getting Rich”—Wallace Wattles, “In order to get rich, one should learn to “live in a certain way.” That’s all.

There are several other theories or principles to be followed or pursued in the quest for wealth creation. But really now, these are just similar to what you would find with other numerous schools of thought. It’s all just navigating around the continuing art of self-discipline.

Here are the rules for wealth creation.

1. Always have a fixed amount as your target.

2. Do not try to procrastinate when it comes to your wealth creation.

3. Be certain that you always spend less than what you actually earn and try to save the excess.

4. Always Maintain an open mind.

5. Be frequently prepared to study and learn more about some of the ways and methods of wealth creation.

6. Bear in mind that you are giving more in use value than what you are receiving in cash value.

7. Do not pay somebody else for something or anything you could do (or just learn to do) yourself.

8. In each and every action that you take, make sure that it advances or progresses you towards your goals.

9. Never ever invest your hard-earned cash on anything that doesn’t make money.

10. And lastly, and more importantly, always, always, consider yourself as your best investment of all time.

Apparently, as with life itself, these are not hard and fast rulings of any sort, yet, if you must follow and adhere to them, it is practically given that you would end up richer, over some period of time, than if you won’t. While these rules might seem fancy or somewhat impossible to most, they are a very short sample of the very heart of what it will take to be wealthy, create wealth of any considerable nature, or even make wealth creation your career.

The skill and capacity to control one’s expenses, to obtain financial benefits and manipulate monetary systems, situations and environments is nothing new or out of the ordinary. And all or some of the richest people in the universe have, one way or another, done either all or just some of this stuff.

Nevertheless, the only difference between rich individuals and those who are not rich is that the rich ones have had enough guts and courage to step up, learn and understand what has been needed to learn, and begin to put it into practice. The art of wealth creation is not a prerogative, and not even an honor.

It is just a set of skills and abilities that one can acquire and then apply to their own lives. In the end, if you do this, then there is no doubt that you too could become your own master of wealth creation.

Rules for Changing Your Life


We all have dreams and aspirations that we aspire to achieve. Being successful at following your life’s desire and changing your life can be tough. Yet, the rewards that you gain when living a happy and productive life are indescribable. Take the time to consider what you want to accomplish and then set out to pursue your dreams. To help you start, here are a few pieces of advice:

1. Take note of your environment.

Get in the habit of understanding that there are no coincidences. Your surroundings, the people you know, the events you’re involved in, and the connections you make are all a part of a unique design for your life. If you take some time to recall when you are happiest, you will gain clues to what purpose you serve on this earth.

The answer could be as simple as noticing that you enjoyed participating in a certain type of event. For example, people who enjoy helping to plan personal or professional events may come to realize that they have excellent organizational skills. In which case, those skills can be used to serve others when planning events on a much larger scale, and for pay.

2. Live life on purpose.

As you find moments that make you truly happy, make a point of living more of those types of moments. Make a commitment to find ways to do more of what you enjoy. This is the secret to having a meaningful life.

You have to look for scenarios that offer fulfillment. If you can’t find them, create them, in order to experience more of what you desire. For example, if you enjoy motivating others, seek out a coaching opportunity such as little league coaching or business coaching. Or, if you enjoy helping others, you can volunteer your time at a senior care center.

3. Be unstoppable.

There will be people that try to deter you from what you believe to be your chosen path. It’s up to you to continue along your journey without reservation. You will be tempted to do other things and you will be told that you aren’t doing the right thing. Who better to know what’s best for your life than you?

A key point of focus is to remember that if you don’t stand for what you believe in, you’re likely to fall for anything. Something amazing starts to happen when you make a commitment to following your dreams. As you stand convinced, you’ll start to convince others. As a result, there will be opportunities and circumstances that present themselves that advance you along your way to the life you deserve.

Rather than wishing your life was different, you can take active steps toward changing your life. You need to first believe that it is possible. The rest will come to you.

Set Your Intentions for the Day


Learn how to be a conscious creator of your life by setting daily intentions.

Do you complain about your day when things don’t go the way you would like? Or do you consciously create the day you want? Personally, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe we are all creators of our own lives, whether we know it or not.

Ask for what you want.

Thoughts become things, Mike Dooley (from the hit movie The Secret) The way to ask for what you want is to give your attention to it. Think about what you want. Talk about what you want. Feel what you want.

By setting your intentions for each and every day, you are actively asking the Universe for what you want.

Set your intentions every night for the day ahead.

Every night, spend a few minutes setting your intentions for the day ahead. What do you want to happen? Play a little mind movie in your head. Run through each stage of the day and ask yourself what you want.

Tip: Visualizing your day as you want it is a powerful exercise which helps you to deliberately create your perfect day.


I love affirmations and find them incredibly powerful. Once you know what you want, you can create your own positive affirmations to support your desires.

For example, if you have children and you want mornings to be calm and relaxed, your affirmation could be something like this:

  • I am calm and relaxed.
  • My children are calm and relaxed.
  • Breakfast time is enjoyable.
  • We always leave for school on time.

Maybe work is not going great, and you’d like to enjoy your time there more. Some affirmations you might choose are:

  • I enjoy my work.
  • I work with fantastic people who are kind, supportive and fun to be with.
  • My boss always notices my work and praises me.
  • I have a great relationship with my work colleagues and my boss.
  • My work is rewarding and fulfilling.

Maybe you are heading off on a long journey. Here are some ideas for affirmations you could use:

  • The road ahead is clear.
  • My journey is relaxed and enjoyable.
  • I am safe and protected on my journey.
  • The train/plane is on time.
  • I arrived at my destination on time, calm and relaxed.
  • I enjoy this journey I am making today.

These are just a few ideas about how to use affirmations to support your intentions for the day. Create your own affirmations so that you can use them to support your intentions each day.

Keep all affirmations positive and in the present tense.

Be thankful.

Gratitude is a super positive emotion and one I suggest you become very familiar with. As you go through every day, watch out for all the things you have to be thankful for. At the end of each day, give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened that day. Always keep the focus on the things you like.

The law of attraction works by giving us whatever we focus on, wanted or not. It is your job to focus on what you want, and the universe will work out a way to let you have it.

Using Thought to Control Negative Emotions


4 Exercises to Develop the Power of the Mind

The Rosicrucian Way provides 4 exercises using the power of thought to control negative and turbulent emotions.


Rosicrucian believe that man can learn to use his mind and brain in the same way an infant achieves control over his muscles. The power of thought is particularly useful when man is sabotaged by negative emotions such as fear, jealousy or anger. In Wisdom of the Mystic Masters (New York: Parker Publishing Company Inc., 1968), Joseph L. Weed includes four activities that have been shown to be effective in assisting man in weeding away unneeded and harmful emotions. Each exercise should be done at least once a day.


First Exercise Using Thought to Control Negative Emotions

Spill a box of color-tipped kitchen matches on the table. Mix them thoroughly and place them back in the box with all the tips pointing in the same direction. Recognize that one is using the power of thought in this simple exercise.

Second Exercise: Using Thought to Control Negative Emotions

Turn on the radio. Choose a station that is broadcasting classical music or orchestral scores. With eyes closed, one should shut out awareness of all sound except for a single musical instrument like a violin or clarinet. By following the course of this one instrument as long as possible, one is exercising the power of thought and concentration.

Third Exercise: Using Thought to Control Negative Emotions

Sit in a room with the television turned on. Focusing on a spot in the room, one should attempt to shut out the television images from one’s awareness. Do the same thing with sound. The idea is to create a mental buffer against images and noise by creating a space of stillness within turbulence.

The fourth exercise involves using thought to control negative emotions.

With deliberate choice and power of thought, slow down one’s pace in relation to others. Let others pass ahead if one is walking in the street. If driving a car, one should move at a speed less than the legal limit. Deliberately allow another car or person the right of way, whether one is entering or leaving a highway exit, a room, plane or train. One should “make way” with a happy heart and a grin. If practiced daily for a month, one would become a new person.

Why do these exercises develop the power of the mind?

Why are these exercises effective in developing the power of the mind? Current research in neuroscience shows that the seat of man’s emotional stability lies in the prefrontal cortex, the area that promotes the executive functions of the brain. This is the area that is significant for its role in man’s ability to sustain attention by blocking out irrelevant and destructive stimuli, an ability that is developed by the above exercises.

According to John J. Ratey in A User’s Guide to the Brain (New York: Vintage Books, 2002), this area can regulate its own levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter of the pleasure centers of the brain. Increasing dopamine levels is correlated with emotional stability and the ability to feel joy (243). Dopamine also strengthens the chemical firing of messages between neurons, which results in the brain’s ability to formulate new concepts, new perceptions and new habits (122).

Unlocking the power of thought requires effort. By making a daily habit of the above exercises, one can control negative emotions that sabotage the power of the mind.